Automated Costing Engine (ACE) – Getting Started

What is ACE? #

ACE, the Automated Costing Engine, is a powerful tool designed to calculate the costs associated with your CNC Machining Parts. Operating on a predictive model, the ACE engine accurately estimates machining costs by analyzing the uploaded CAD Model and forecasting the machining time required. This innovative solution streamlines the costing process, providing users with precise and efficient financial insights for their machining projects.

How can it be helpful? #

  1. This will save the time spent by the manufacturer on costing.
  2. This will assist the user to get and understand the detailed costing.
  3. Prepare your customized quotes in seconds. Check here.

How can I use it? #

Here are the steps to start using automated costing engine – 

  1. Sign in, if you already have an account registered in / Sign up for creating new account

Sign in Page

Sign up Page

  1. Upload your files to get instant costing.

Please Note:- Upload the files in accepted formats – STEP, STP

File Upload

  1. Click on “Configure” under action to access the following features
  1. Expand the CAD Viewer Window by clicking on the expand icon located on the bottom right of the CAD Viewer.
  2. Click on “edit parameters icon” to edit the parameters
    • Material
    • Quantity
    • Surface Finish
    • Tolerance
  3. Once editing is complete, click on “Recalculate” to get the updated costing for the configured parameters.

Please Note:- 

  • Our instant costing engine is currently under development to generate cost estimates for Turning, Assembly, and Complex files.
  • Make sure the uploaded STEP or STP files are not corrupted.
  1. Click on “Give Feedback” and submit your valuable feedback to help us enhance your experience.

What types of files do you accept? #

We accept STEP, STP files.

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