Digital Factory

What is kkonnect digital factory? #

The Kkonnect Digital Factory serves as a central digital repository for suppliers, where they can add comprehensive company details, including portfolios, machines, and the range of services and products they offer. This information is then accessible in one unified location. Upon activation of their listing, all these details are displayed on the supplier directory, potentially increasing business and customer engagement. Suppliers also have the advantage of easily sharing their profile with a single click, ensuring a consistent pitch to potential buyers.

Who can access and use it? #

All the suppliers who are registered on the Kkonnect supplier portal can access and use it.

How can it be helpful? #

  • This will assist suppliers in accessing new business prospects
  • All enquiries and RFQs will be available at one place
  • More relevant RFQs will be available by accurately matching the company profile with buyer requirement

How can I use it? #

Here are the steps to set up your digital factory –

a. On the Supplier Portal Dashboard, select “Digital Factory” from the sidebar on the left to navigate to the Digital Factory page.


b. Click on “Company Overview” and complete all sections, which include four tabs –

  • Basic Details
  • Addresses & Contacts
  • Registration Details
  • Additional Information

Once all fields are filled in, click “Save and Continue” to move on to the following sub-section.

Please Note :-

  • Uploading your Company Portfolio under Basic Details tab is mandatory for enhancing visibility, credibility, and showcasing your expertise to potential buyers.
  • Don’t forget to add your Import-Export Code or IEC under Registrations Details tab, as it would enhance credibility, facilitates global trade, and signals readiness for international transactions and compliance.
  • Uploading certificates under Registrations Details tab is mandatory as it boosts credibility, demonstrates quality standards, and enhances trust among potential buyers.
  • Its important to add the Industries Served under Additional Information tab to showcase your expertise, target relevant sectors, and attract buyers looking for specific industry experience.
  • Adding Customer details on Key Customers you have worked with under Additional Information tab is important as it demonstrates your expertise as a supplier, enhances your credibility and increases your chances of receiving similar types of orders.

c. Next, click on “Products”. This feature is currently in development and will be available shortly

d. Next, click on “Services”. It has 4 tabs to be filled in – Manufacturing Processes, Material Capabilities, Finishing Capabilities and Design Services. All these are dropdown lists with multi-select options, allowing you to choose multiple processes and capabilities offered by your company.


Once all fields are filled in, click “Save and Continue” to move on to the “Machines” sub-section.

e. Under “Machines,” you have the option to pick from a list of machines using the multi-select dropdown, or if the machine you have isn’t listed, you can add a new one by clicking the “Add New Machine” button located at the bottom of the sub-page.


Note :- Each machine listed has 3 tags – tag 1: Manufacturing Process
                                                                     tag 2: Sub Process
                                                                     tag 3: Machine Type

These tags makes searching easy for any specific machine by using any of these identifiers.

f. Under the “Completed” sub-section, if you’ve filled in the fields and your completion progress exceeds 60%, you can successfully publish your profile on as a listing. This enables you to receive RFQs and orders from buyers in our network. However, you must first consent to submit and publish your listing on the supplier directory by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, which you can do by ticking the checkbox.


When can my profile be eligible for listing? #

After successfully filling out all sections in the four tabs – Company Overview, Products, Services, and Machines – and achieving a completion progress of over 60%, your profile will qualify for being listed on the Supplier directory.

  • If completion progress is less than 60%, you cannot submit unless you complete your profile.

If completion progress is more than 60%


When can my profile go live on Supplier directory? #

Make sure you have filled in the fields in Digital Factory, your completion progress exceeds 60%, and you have given consent to publish your listing on the supplier directory by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, our team will review your profile to ensure it meets our guidelines. Once approved, your listing will be live. You can also share your profile once it becomes live.

When can my profile get the verification tag? #

Once you have submitted your profile on Digital Factory for listing on, our team will review your profile to ensure it meets our guidelines. Once approved, your listing will be live. Subsequently, we will conduct an on-site visit to your facility for verification, and upon successful approval, your supplier profile will be marked with a verification tag.

Is it mandatory to upload my Company portfolio here? #

Yes, it is mandatory to upload your Company Portfolio on Digital Factory. It is crucial for increasing visibility and credibility among potential buyers. It showcases your expertise and past projects, helping businesses understand your offerings. This presence not only attracts new business opportunities but also enhances your online footprint, contributing positively to your business growth.

What types of files do you accept? #

We accept JPG, PNG, MP4, PDF, PPT files.

I don’t have my machine listed, can I create it? #

Yes, if the machine you need isn’t in the multi-select dropdown, you can add it. Simply navigate to the “Machines” sub-page and click the “Add New Machine” button located at the bottom.


Choose the Manufacturing Process(es), Manufacturing Sub Process(es), and Machine Type from the dropdown menus, then complete the fields for Brand, Model, and Quantity. Once finished, click on “Done” to add the machine.


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