How can I share an RFQ with my suppliers?

2. How can I share an RFQ with my suppliers?

Now that you’ve submitted your RFQ, follow these simple steps to share it with your suppliers:

After submission, a popup will appear.


Click on “Share with Suppliers” to access the “Share RFQ with Suppliers” page.


Choose from three sharing options:

Share Link:
Click “Copy RFQ Link” to copy the link.
Share the link via digital communication.
(RFQ links is something which our team came with innovative tech to help one to share their RFQs to anyone and everyone, despite they being or not being on our platform)

Via Email:

Enter your supplier’s email in the “Email Address” section.
Click “Send RFQ” to send it via email. If the supplier is on the portal, it will go directly to their portal.
(one can copy paste 100s of supplier email ids and can add it at once.)

Supplier List:

If you have suppliers on your list, select them.
Click “Send RFQ” to share it directly with your selected suppliers.
(Supplier List is basically your suppliers which already onboarded on the platform.)


These straightforward steps make it easy to share your RFQ with suppliers using a link, email, or by selecting them from your supplier list.

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